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Welcome to your LCHS Library: Breaking Barriers

Online Resources 24/7

Day 1 NoodleTools and the New York Times

Today we will set up your NoodleTools account. NoodleTools is a software that helps you keep track of all your sources and citations for your research project. You will log in with your school Google account.

You can share your NoodleTools project with your team members so you can work together. Your teacher will also have access so he can advise you on your annotations.

Primary Sources

National History Day for Students

NHD Student page

NHD Search Graphic Organizer: you can download it to your drive to help guide your thinking

NHD Annotated Bibliography

Image result for national history day

MLA and Citation Help

A former LCHS student was accepted to UC Berkeley. This student was put on Academic Probation at Berkeley for not properly documenting their research or citing sources. Assuming that the student will actually finish college (almost 50% do not), how do you think that probation will look on grad school applications?

You will never regret the time and effort you spend in high school learning to research and write well. Take "Works Cited" pages seriously and learn the tricks of parenthetical and in-text citations so you do not end up in a similar position. There is no excuse for plagiarism.

This process of closely examining your sources of information can benefit you,  in school or out. Who wrote or directed it? Who do they work for?  Who published it? What is their reputation? Is there bias? Is it rumor or fact? Are they informing you or are they trying to scare you for some reason? Is it old information?  Are they trying to sell you something? Is there any valid scientific basis for their claims? These are always great questions. Ask them.

Day 2 Academic Databases & Annotated Bibliographies. Log in to first when at home!

Britannica High School

Can be just the thing for basic background . You would use it to educate yourself on an unfamiliar topic and to learn some of the topic's vocabulary. For example: do you need to find out what the term "Jim Crow" means? What was the date Rosa Parks rode the bus? This is the place.  However, you would not cite Britannica School your final bibliography, Why? Because these facts  are considered basic common knowledge and they accepted as correct. Very similar to Wikipedia but it is written for high school students so it can be much easier to read on complex topics. Plus there is someone who will read it to you :-)

Passwords for IRC Online Research

Britannica Image Quest

For this project you are required to cite your images (explain where you got them on your Works Cited page and/or by linking to the source, check your teacher's specific instructions). This is where this database can really help you! It has millions of images you are allowed to use in your project without breaking any copyright rules.

You cannot break copyright rules in this project! Because your library pays for this image database you have the legal right to use these images in your school work as long as you cite them. It also give you the exact citation which you can copy and paste into NoodleTools. Done!

Passwords for IRC Online Research


This is where you can search for newspaper, magazine and journal articles from hundreds of publications. Journals are more scientific and academic than magazines. There is one on display in the IRC called Flora which is published by the California Native Plant Society, if you would be interested in seeing one.

Passwords for IRC Online Research

Opposing Viewpoints

Find information on controversial topics. Understand the background and the various points-of-view from sources who's bias is explained. II your topic is or was controversial you may find background articles as well as arguments for and against here. Examples: gay rights, Title IX, desegregation of  schools and busing or Mc Carthyism in the 1950's and blacklisting in Hollywood

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Go deeper into academic sources. Explore. Find the best reading level for you. Look here for easy-to-cite AP news videos also.

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Student Resources in Context

Reference and scholarly journal articles. Go deeper into academic sources. Explore. Find the best reading level for you. Check out  the images and video. You can use this material if you cite it. Check here for primary sources too.

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